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                Lionel Legacy Homepage

Lionel is celebrating over 100 years in the toy train industry!  Lionel was the first O gauge manufacturer to introduce Command Control using their TMCC system and now Legacy Control!



 MTH Electric Trains also known as Mike's Train House.  MTH is celebrating 25 years!  Click on the DCS remote to go to the Protosound2 web site for information on DCS!  Click on the 

Lionel Corporation Logo to experience an exciting new venture between Lionel and MTH!

Rich Foster of MTH tells us about the  Pittsburgh Regional Products! from October 2002




William's  by Bachmann Trains.  They are producing the classics from your childhood!


Atlas is now in the O Gauge market.  Atlas is producing a variety of engines, rolling stock, and track!



Every layout needs a population!  These folks produce some great figures to make your population expand!




The Electric Railroad Company by 3rd Rail  has picked up where ERR left off.  Scott Mann has picked up the line and the license from Lionel to produce and sell some of the most popular TMCC upgrade products.



JT's Mega-Steam Smoke Fluid... Great scents and great smoke!


Millhouse River Studios

In mine and many other's opinion the best Turntable and Transfer table money can buy.  Quality aluminum construction with precision control.  Quality and service here in the U.S.A.!


Brennan's Model Railroading Products

Dennis's  flagship product, Brennan's Better Ballast, was born out of a  quest to find a "better" ballast than any of the commercially available products. Since its introduction in 1997, the product line has expanded to include Brennan's Natural Ground Cover materials, two Weathering Sets, and the ultra- realistic Chain Link Fence Kit and the Industrial Wooden Fence Kit.






Magazines and Forums   




One of the leading O-gauge magazines. From here you can join the OGR forum.   It gets a bit crazy sometimes but it is well moderated and you will have access to years of Toy Trains experience.  OGR Forum was going to initiate a "Pay to Post" policy but the folks above decided to sponsor the board instead.  Be sure to visit them to say THANKS!



A magazine for O and S gauge railroaders.  Join the Classic Toy Trains Forum for more information, pictures and Train discussion!  This forum has gained some steam and is another great community to belong to.



The ModelTrainJournal Forum...  This another forum full of information, fun and trains!  A little less moderated than the other forums but still full of great information.  Don't forget once there to click on the Header to be taken to the main site!  There is a separate section to discuss more grownup and off topic threads too!  







Cool Train Sites!


The Lionel Collectors Club of America

A great club with an amazing leadership group.  


As Al says "Lionel makes the trains, we play with them!"




    Train Collectors Association

The Train Collectors Association is one of the oldest Train Clubs today.  The membership holds a wealth of information.




A very pro Lionel page, but explains and demos Command Control.



Pittsburgh's Carnegie Science Center Miniature Railroad and Village.  Worth the Trip.




Some really cool train graphics for web pages. You'll see some here. You'll notice the Southern 2356 on the home page and the Santa Fe below ! You can also click on the Santa Fe or the Hudson up top to go to Horizontal Rules! Please do not use the images from my site! Get them via Horizontal Rules as they prefer a link to the site in exchange for the use of them!







Personal  and Club Sites





Carl's S Gauge Empire

Carl Tuveson's great S Gauge Empire and a load of TMCC information.  Carl really has a good grasp on TMCC and it is definitely worth a look!





Larry LaJambe's  Erehwon and Saguaro Railroad..  Larry modeled his layout after the Southwestern United States.  Some might find this odd from a Great White Northerner but Larry has gotten it perfect!




  Joe Shrock's O-Gauge Layout

Some great pictures, information and insight into a fellow Model Railroader's Layout.  Check out the Frequently Asked Questions as well.  Number 6 is my favorite.




    The Story / Lionel "Super-0" Track

A great look at Lionel's Super O track System by Michael Spanier.  If Super O is your bag then I beg you to take a look!  And if Super O is not your thing take a look anyways!



Rob's Pennsy Home Page.

I love pages like this that give actual information on Real Trains.  They can help create a realistic scene on your pike!





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