The 2006 Photo album...

It's been quite a while since I did an album but with some recent work on the layout some photos are in order!

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Later in the evening the Pennsy T-1 has arrived with a load of freight from neighboring Lilo Heights.  Seems that the new freight plaza has made Kodiak Junctions economy boom!


The Hobos are getting a visit from Miss Becky.  She operates a small bakery and always brings the days leftovers out to the friendly hobos.


The GG1 having pulled  out is now rounding the curve above the small city.  Ray Jena's Photo Studio in the background is showing support for the War effort!  Mr. J served himself as a photographer during the war.


Here's another look at Mr. Js studio from the hills above Kodiak Junction  Oh look the number 46G Bus is making a stop!


The Lackawanna E7 Passenger train has arrived in Kodiak Junction!  The powerful ABA pulls it's passengers to the Pocono's and NY City, making a stop here our small town!


The clean, sleek passenger cars keep the folks happy with all the modern comforts of travel.  Soon she'll be pulling out and heading to the big city!


What a treat here in Kodiak Junction.  The Century Club's 5 engines have all arrived for the Centennial Celebration!  Looks like a good day for rail fans here!



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