The 2006 Photo album...

It's been quite a while since I did an album but with some recent work on the layout some photos are in order!

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Another look at these fine train engines.  The 773 Hudson, NYC F3s, PRR GG1, LL 726 Berkshire, and the 671 Turbine.  Celebrating the golden era of trains!


The Turbine is racing into Kodiak Junction putting on a display of speed!  What a sight to see this iron horse race by!


Returning from Lilo Heights after it's record breaking run the 671 climbs the rise just outside Kodiak Junction!  Every year the 671 seems to break it's own record for speed.


Looks like a very busy day at the freight plaza.  Some finishing construction is still going on while the plaza has become a economic boom!


Looks like Wendell has his hands full.  Dang where did Phil go with that forklift?  Well it looks like things will be motoring along, as long as Phil doesn't keep Wendell over a barrel.  But then again without the forklift, Wendell can really milk this job!


The Pennsy as well as the Southern are well represented on the lines that pass Kodiak Junction.  Looks like we're running a little behind schedule.  That Southern was supposed to be here an hour ago! 


Well folks here it is!  The first train I ever bought with my own money!  Making a special visit for the Centennial as well!  It was built in the Bill and Walt's Yard in Smithfield a long time ago!


A fresh coat of paint on Kodiak Junctions Water Tower for the Centennial Celebration!  Visitors can see the tower from miles around!



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